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Auntie Felicia

3d Hard Cover

Auntie Felicia
wants you to get grants for your business

Get the inside information on how to get grants for your business. This is money that does not have to be paid back. We’ve gotten thousands of dollars for our business, I’m helping you understand how to do the same. A 50% discount will be applied at checkout with the discount code “MONEYMOVES OR FREEMONEY.” This book is not available for pre-order until the next announcement. Only 200 copies will ever be published. To be added to the list for the next pre-order round, enter your information into the box.

$99 $49.95

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Pros & Cons of Owning a Company Car

Every entrepreneur should come from a place of knowledge and power when making the decision on whether to purchase or transfer a vehicle under their company.

When you read this eBook, you will find out information like what type of legal issues may arise when this type of transaction is done.

How to protect yourself when operating outside the scope of business?

How to avoid issues with the insurance company.

What type of agreements need to be drafted, and more.


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10 Ways to make money now online during the recession

This eBook tells you how to start making extra money right away. You will get information on apps to download, and how to use them to start bringing in more money. You will find out how to start a business right away with no upfront costs to you. You will also learn how to share and make money using the information contained in this eBook. Find out how to make money off something we all use gas and food! This is a small investment that could bring you a few thousand dollars a month or more in extra income when you apply what’s in this eBook.




Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Finding Unclaimed Money

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed money that could have you or a loved one’s name on it. Get your guide today on how to claim it. Download it for free now and then lead to the purchase page to get your Grants book. This is my free gift to you! Hurry and order your book before time runs out!
Get your Unclaimed money ebook instantly downloaded for only $19.99. 1 in 10 people have money they don’t realize is there! It may be you or your relative.


Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn

This book will take you into the world of grants for small businesses. You will get knowledge about the federal government’s grant making process. You will receive knowledge about processes your business must take in order to prepare to apply for business grants. You will gain a competitive edge so that you will have a better chance at receiving grants for your small business. Gain insight into organizations that work solely with minority owned businesses and how to connect with them. Obtain proven tips that work in connecting you with the people who can get you through doors that you didn’t realize are there. By the time you are done with this book you will be able to confidently apply for grants and have a higher likelihood of being awarded grant money for your small business.

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This book is not available for pre-order until the next announcement. Only 200 copies will ever be published. To be added to the list for the next pre-order round, enter your information into the box.

About Felicia Jeffries

I knew from the start of my journey that we would have a consulting firm. Moore Financial Services is family owned business that serves businesses across the world with ensuring their structures are set up properly in order to build credit, obtain grants, contracts, and even more clients. I love working with business owners to grow their businesses. I wanted to make sure people have valuable resources that come across my path in business. So I wrote my first book “10 Hidden Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Business Credit,” The Entrepreneurship Workbook The Transition – Starting Your Own Business, and 14 Terms Bosses Must Know. My goal is to master a thing and then show others how they can do it too. My way of helping others is to place it in a book so even after I am gone, people can still apply the information to propel themselves forward in life.
Felicia Loves to travel, paint, dance, spend time with family and friends and all around enjoy life. Her mission in life is to let her light shine from God in heaven, Jehovah, and to be the sort of person that is always grateful, full of joy, and love.